The Rainbow League ; Masterpost

All superheroes are gay. At least, that’s what they say. All superheroes are gay (but not all gays are super), and some supers decide to not register with the Superhero Collective, which leaves them rogue – supervillains, if you will.

All supers are gay, but Kyle is straight and happily so, despite the superpowers he’s just discovered he has.

His choices are easy: join a superhero group and register with the Superhero Collective, or become an unregistered villain, and he’s obviously not going to do the latter.

The problem is… Kyle can’t prove his abilities are real, and can’t seem to stop himself arguing that he loves his girlfriend and is straight, damnit, which lands him as a member of the point-zero-five star The Rainbow League, the crappiest super group in town.

Well, at least he’s not a villain… right?

Volumes: Unknown
Genres: Comedy, Superhero, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Queer, Romance
Status: Not Completed

Download Links: Tbd.


Coming soon…

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