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Runaway Tales

Chocolate 15: Passion: Storeroom

Title: Storeroom
Verse: Bounty
Character(s): Martyn Alasev-Dol/Yaris Berkn’leter
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sex?
Prompts: Chocolate #15: Passion
Toppings: None.
Extras: None.
Canon: Yes! Pre-canon.
Description: Martyn and Yaris’ first meeting.
Spoilers: No.


At a better height now, Martyn can look into Yaris’ face without having to tilt his own down, and Yaris doesn’t have to lift onto his toes to kiss him.

“Are you going to kill me after we’re done here?” Yaris asks. 

Martyn chuckles. “Do you want me to?” he drawls.

Yaris shrugs. “Up to you,” he says and kisses him again. Martyn almost doesn’t kiss back, almost pushes him away to frown at him, but at the last second he melts into the kiss instead, closing his eyes and making a realization that shakes him all the way down to his core:

He wants to protect this man.

He mutters a swear against Yaris’ mouth, and doesn’t correct him that actually he’s having an absolute full-blown crisis on the inside of his head when Yaris seems to think he caused it with the way his hands roam across Martyn’s waist. Martyn doesn’t think he will ever tell him the truth, assuming they see each other again after this.

Maybe Yaris will be the one that kills him. It’s an odd thought.

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