I thought everything on here is free, why the paywall for [x]?

Although everything I post here on this site is free, I do have to keep lights on and such, so I paywall some extra bonus content for my wonderful subscribers.

I want to help, but I’m broke! What do I do?

Tell a friend. Tell ten friends. Tweet about your favorite works of mine. Write about them. Word of mouth is worth so much and I appreciate it immensely.

What do the categories mean? Ongoing? Experimental? Hiatus? Cancelled?

I have a system for categorizing the things I’m working on. Here’s the rundown:

UPCOMINGI may have started working on this, but it’s not ready to be posted yet. It is however something I wanted to announce and see who’s interested in it. Comments and likes help make it a reality.
EXPERIMENTAL I’m either not sure where this is going or I’m writing in a way I’m not used to (for example extensive numbers of chapters instead of set episodes, or an ongoing serial with no set end point rather than a contained novel). Because it’s new and I’m unsure about it, it might not stick around, or it might come and go (six updates in a month, followed by three months of radio silence). Interest and comments and active support benefit works in this category.
ONGOINGThis is something I’m working on RIGHT NOW and am continuing to do so. You can expect regular updates, so if it’s something you’re enjoying, you should be excited!
COMPLETEDIt’s finished! Ended! It’s making its way to some kind of eBook/other kind of publication maybe, and it’s done. You can read the entire thing! Woohoo!
HIATUSFor some reason, whether it’s a lack of outside interest or I’ve hit a block, this is on hiatus. It should come back soon, and comments (although not “more please?” so much as saying you like it and why) definitely fuel the fire that’ll help things stop being on hiatus.
CANCELEDThe saddest one, frankly. Some things just don’t work, either for you or for me. If something is marked as cancelled, it’s done. It’s ended. There’s a very, very small possibility it’ll come back… but let’s not count on it.

I read one of your shorts, but I don’t know the verse and characters and I can’t find a dossier page?

If it’s not something I’m actively working on, it likely doesn’t have a dossier page. That said, if you want to know more you can contact me via here, or via Twitter or email, and I can throw up a dossier page or just answer your questions!

What am I allowed to do with the works on these pages?

You may not:

  • Reproduce my work commercially (eg. print it and sell it/sell it as an eBook etc)
  • Claim that you own my work or original ‘verse and characters
  • Claim that your fanart or fanfiction or whatever is licensed and official
  • Make an official movie of my work or so on

You may:

  • Write fanfiction of my work
  • Make fanart of my work
  • Sell fanart of my work somewhere like Redbubble etc (also show me because I might want to buy it). You are allowed to do this as you are selling your time and effort, not my original work.
  • Slap a Ko-fi or Patreon (etc) link on your fanfiction (but not on AO3! That’s due to their terms and we respect AO3 here 👊)
  • Create transformative works from my work

My work is published under a Non-Commercial Creative Commons license.