misc; persuade; verse: bounty

Title: Danger
Verse: Bounty
Character(s): Core four!
Rating: T
Warnings: None.
Canon: Not sure
Spoilers: No.

Constance is outnumbered.

It isn’t like she isn’t used to that by now, ever since Melanie came barrelling into her life she’d started finding herself on the losing side of decisions. Admittedly, Melanie often contributed to helping her win other decisions too, but this time it was especially terrible.

“No,” she says, “no way. We’re not going to Enaiphus.”

“Show of hands?!” Melanie says and Martyn’s hand shoots up. To Constance’s frustration it’s a tie and, worse still, she’s on the same side as Yaris.  “Yaris!” Melanie peeks past Martyn’s broad frame to pout at him. “What? No holiday?!”

“It seems like a frivolous expense,” he says, shrugging one shoulder.

“Okay, but it’s Enaiphus,” Martyn says. “We can go cheap if you want.”

“I never do anything cheap,” Yaris says, one perfect eyebrow rising on his forehead.

“I appreciate you saying that,” Martyn replies.

Melanie groans and looks to Constance. “Come on,” she says, “please?! I want to go to a beach. Or a ski cabin. Martyn says all the countries are vacation spots depending on what you want to do? He says there’s swimming and skiing and camping and—”

“And it’s all ridiculously—” Constance starts to say expensive but that puts her even more on Yaris’ side of things. “—extravagent.”

Martyn leans towards Yaris, dropping his voice. “We could go to a ski cabin,” he says. “Imagine… just you and me and a toasty cabin surrounded by deep snow and nothing but us.”

Yaris cuts his eyes across to him. “Alternatively, we can stay in our room, crank down the temperature controls and pile blankets and we can do it for free!”

Martyn huffs and looks across at Constance. “What about you? Skiing? Beach? Camping? Sex ball?”

“There’s a sex ball?” Melanie says with a squeak.

“Of course there’s a sex ball,” Constance says, “it wouldn’t be a vacation planet if there wasn’t a sex ball.”

Melanie pulls a face. “Okay, well, I want to go to the beach,” she says, “I bought this cute red bikini on that planet with the space roller coaster and I’ve been wanting to—” She breaks off and Constance is suddenly aware that her hand raised of its own accord. “Huh.”

“Beach sounds fun,” Constance says briskly.

“Really?” Yaris complains. “That’s all it takes?”

“I’m feeling pretty slighted right now,” Martyn huffs.

“I can see you in a bikini any time I want,” Yaris points out.

Martyn grins at him and Melanie makes another squeaking noise under her breath. Constance’s hand is still in the air so she lowers it. “So, we’re in agreement then?” she says. “Trip to Enaiphus?”

“Beach!” Melanie squeals.

“Skiing,” Martyn says emphatically.

“Nothing too lavish,” Yaris grumbles at Martyn.

“Since when don’t you like holidays, Yaris?” Melanie whines.

“Well, last time we went on vacation I got bitten by an atomic wasp and Martyn nearly drowned,” Yaris says flatly, “it’s kinda taken the fun out of it.”

“…that’s really fair,” Melanie yips.

Martyn laughs a little and flings an arm around Yaris’s shoulders. “I swear, no atomic wasps,” he says. “Just skiing, cabins and snuggles.”

Yaris eyes him a little and raises his hand slowly. “But if I see one wasp or so much as a puddle I’m coming right back to Speeta.”

“Deal,” Martyn says with a grin.

Constance looks over at Melanie. “Beach it is, then.”

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