misc; danger; verse: bounty

Title: Danger
Verse: Bounty
Character(s): Martyn Alasev-Dol/Yaris Berkn’leter
Rating: T
Warnings: Violence.
Canon: Not sure
Spoilers: No.

“You know,” Martyn says, in between the punches landing on his face, stomach and back, “you’re really going to regret this.”

Sure, it comes out more of a slurred mumble, but he thinks they get the picture, because the two men beating him look between each other in confusion.

“He knows he’s fucked, right?” the red one says. “We’ve got him where we want him. This is just fun at this point. We already have everything we need.”

Martyn laughs up some blood.

“He’s just bluffing,” the lighter one says, rolling his eyes. “He thinks if he threatens us, we’ll leave him alone.”

“Yeah right.” Another blow lands to his stomach. He coughs more blood up, wondering if there’s much left to cough out really, and rolls onto his side, still bound and chained from earlier.

An alarm goes off, somewhere towards the edge of the impenetrable complex they’re keeping him in. He turns his broken nose towards the cold metal floor beneath him and just laughs. “Told you,” he says.

The red one drags him up by his collar. “You think this is for you?” he snaps. “This place is a fortress. No one gets in.” He punches him in the rib. Martyn feels it crack. “And no one gets out.”

The blade that runs him through from behind very nearly punctures Martyn too, but it never would. It stops a fraction from his chest, cuts just a little of his ragged shirt, and then a voice – lower and far more dangerous than Martyn’s ever heard it before – says, “Are you sure about that?”

The man looks down at the death Yaris just brought down on him, reaches to touch the blade, but then it’s pulled right out from behind and as he falls to the floor Martyn sees Yaris twirl once and take the head off the other man.

It thumps, but so does Martyn. He hits the metal floor again, letting out a borderline hysterical laugh. “I told them!” he says as Yaris comes hurtling to his side, crouching down and checking him over for injuries that need immediate care. “I told them they’d regret it.”

“You were wrong,” Yaris says. He pulls a first aid kit out, does some basic repairs on Martyn’s battered body, just enough to get him out before he dies of internal bleeding or keels over from relief.

“Huh?” Martyn looks at him. He has no idea what he’s talking about, but sometimes he thinks he never does. “Whu’?”

Yaris looks at him and his steely eyes are glinting. “They never had chance to regret it.”

He knows he should be afraid of Yaris like this, this is the man who’d kill an entire village and never think twice about it, he’s a danger to everyone in the known universe, likely to snap at any moment and rain hell down on the very galaxy he lives in.

His gentle hands bind Martyn’s wounds and Martyn watches him.

He’s a danger to everyone in the known universe.

Everyone except him.

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